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Bedrock Grading
is a excavation & demolition company serving the Southwest. We take pride in the quality of our work and in providing you with a hassle free experience. We offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.  Give us a call and let us show what we can Yabba Dabba Do for you........


We do any site pads, utility work, or road work prior to new construction. We own our own bulldozers, excavators, bobcats, and trucks so we can provide our services at a lower cost to you.

Our years of experience conducting demolition and environmental work throughout the Southwest gives our clients the peace of mind for the most critical projects at hand. Safety and attention to detail is our priority during all phases of work. Clear coordination with inspectors and tradesmen during the process allows each project run smooth and on schedule. We provide free estimates, give us a call and let us show what we can Yabba Dabba do for you.

Site Remediation
We offer total site restoration services dealing with problem properties throughout New Mexico. Our trained experts can identify special waste, develop work plans with NMED approval as needed, and handle waste streams properly. This includes special waste like asbestos, lead, oils, contaminated-soil ect. We are able to clear any property of concerns and provide clearance documentation to our clients changing properties back into valuable assets.

Excavation, Excavation Services in Edgewood, NM

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